Consider Saying “No” First

You can always say “yes” later.
by Alison Bonds Shapiro, M.B.A. in Healing Into Possibility
Originally published online by Psychology Today

Recently my cell phone froze – just froze. No button worked. I took it to the store and was gently asked if I ever turned it off. “No,” I said. “Why?”  The kind man explained to me that my phone is a little computer and if I never turn it off, it never has a chance to clear out its operating cache and it gets too filled up to take on anything new. He powered it off and on and, like magic, the phone was operating again.  My cell phone sometimes has to say “no” to incoming calls in order to be available to say “yes” again.

That was an eye-opener. I don’t like to disappoint people. And there are so many, many, wonderful things to be interested in and to do in this world. I have often had trouble saying “no.”

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