Curiosity and Wellness

I cannot explain what I have not chosen to know.
by Alison Bonds Shapiro, M.B.A. in Healing Into Possibility
Originally published online by Psychology Today

As I was growing up I heard, “What you don’t know won’t hurt you”. When it comes to healing, my experience is the exact opposite. What you don’t know may very well hurt you. Curiosity is essential to wellness.

I have been emailing one of my health care practitioners lately. It’s something that is becoming more common – a way to get timely advice on subjects not requiring an office visit. As I was doing this I realized that my practitioner was relying on me to relate what was happening to me accurately because she was not seeing what I saw. Then I thought about the fact that even when she saw me in person she was relying on my reporting things that are not visible.

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