Living Around Limitations

We all live around our limitations. Everybody does it
by Alison Bonds Shapiro, M.B.A. in Healing Into Possibility
Originally published online by Psychology Today

I have often enjoyed the fantasy – in my dreams, of course – that I could float through the air and maybe even fly, but the truth is that last time I looked in the mirror, I didn’t see any wings. I am not a bat; nor for sure an angel. When it comes to flying I am limited by my anatomy. I fly anyway. I’ve been to Australia and China and Europe and lots of other places I would only have gone to if I could fly.

I have flying limitations, but I fly. I fly because we humans like to find ways to solve problems. It’s one of the great gifts of our nature. If we can’t fly, we invent airplanes. If we want to water our gardens, we invent hoses. It’s what we do. We determine what we want to accomplish and we come up with creative solutions – notwithstanding and sometimes even in joyous defiance of whatever limitations our bodies present.

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