The Art of the Small Goal

Narrow, long range goals may prevent discovery and creativity.
by Alison Bonds Shapiro, M.B.A. in Healing Into Possibility
Originally published online by Psychology Today

We are used to making long range plans, fixing a goal firmly in our minds and organizing ourselves to get there – always keeping an eye on the impending result. This is useful. Many things are accomplished just this way. But there is another strategy we can employ and one that works well when dealing with unknowns like the outcome of healing. This strategy is the art of the small goal.

The path of recovering from illness and injury can be unpredictable. We don’t know how far we will come or what the ups and downs and turns along the way might bring. Focusing only on a long range intended result may both frustrate and discourage us and may take our attention away from what we need to do.

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